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    Ekaterina and Vitaliy Zlobiny

    Noyanlar is a reliable developer proven over the years. We are glad to cooperate with them! Attractive conditions offered by the developer make it possible to enjoy life without sacrificing your budget.

    Zhanna Khrustaliova

    After I met with Noyanlar company, I realized that that was a good chance for me to make my dream come true and to buy a sea view studio apartment with an affordable for me price. My inspection trip was organized very professionally, which included free accommodation and sightseeing trips around North Cyprus. There were many doubts, but on the very first day of my arrival doubts were gone and I was fascinated. I was fascinated by the people, friendly employees in the office, very good payment plans. During my first visit, I was offered a studio of my dream with a front direct sea view. I had a flexible payment plan with 2 years installments after the key’s handover. That was the key factor. My studio is in the new modern project with a private area, cafes, pool and shops. I am very grateful to the company for its constant assistance in organizing trips, supervising payments, mutual settlements, advice on any nuances and questions that arise. The Noyanlar company is a team of true professionals and wonderful people. I highly recommend it to everyone!!!


    A. Ali Abolghasemi

    The property I purchased from Noyanlar Group was among the best investment opportunities in the Long Beach area. With friendly employees and professional service, they guided me through all the processes of finalizing my investment.

    Dirk Lenz

    I need to say, the service was amazing. From the first minute of my arrival, I felt a warm
    welcome. The company gave me the feeling that I am not just a  customer, instead of a member of the family. Thank you very much, Noyanlar!

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    Sonraki İçerik