Ana Sayfa Travel Visit Guide Some Places to Visit at Long Beach

Some Places to Visit at Long Beach

Some Places to Visit at Long Beach

We offer restaurants, cafes and entertainment venues to visit in Cyprus. It is also close to Long Beach. You will have a pleasant time and you will also discover Cyprus. You will find yourself in these perfect places.

Foods & Drinks

From local fish restaurants to traditional taverns offering the best from the Cypriot cuisine, there’s simply a lot of tastes out here to sample.

Night Life

Do you prefer a quiet pub where you can chat with your friends or someplace for hardcore partying? North Cyprus offers it all.

Nature & Outdoor

From the Five-Finger Mountain range to the blue water of the Mediterranean, there is plenty of places to see and things to do.


Looking for a place to simply have fun with friends or family? North Cyprus has it all: bowling centers, karaoke nights, cinemas, and many more options to choose from…


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