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    Sea Pearl Residence



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    Sea Pearl Residence

    Extensive Gardens & Green Areas: Be ready for your...


    Extensive Gardens & Green Areas: Be ready for your new life at Sea Pearl!

    Sea Pearl Residence which is located in the Long Beach area in Iskele maximizes the benefits of the Long Beach coastline such as walking and bicycle paths, kids playgrounds,
    picnic areas and clean beaches. Delightful days are waiting for you at Sea Pearl Residence, which meets all the needs of a modern lifestyle and provides quality, safe and luxurious dwelling features together.

    Your whole lifestyle will change with the warmth, comfort and quality that Sea Pearl Residence has to offer. While the extensive gardens and green areas ensure a closer step
    towards tranquility, your new Residency will seem like a life-long holiday.

    Services and Activities:
    • Restaurant, Café and Bar
    • Shops and Offices
    • Fitness Center
    • Underground Parking
    • Outdoor Swimming Pool w/ Water Slides
    • Kids’ Swimming Pool

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