Haziran16 , 2024

    Message from the Sales Director



    Considering the huge number of places you would like...

    Riverside Life Residence

    A new breath comes to Long Beach: Trust, Peace...

    Royal Sun Elite Residence

    Welcome to an Elite Lifestyle: The Address of Peace...

    Royal Life Residence

    When Dreams Become Reality: Something more than just a residential...

    Sea Pearl Residence

    Extensive Gardens & Green Areas: Be ready for your...


    Since the day it was founded, Noyanlar Group of Companies has been a window of the island to the world, where experts and professionals are employed. Our company has an innovative structure because it keeps up with the changing world and the demands that come with such changes. For years, we have firmly adhered to our motto, “Marketing Cyprus to the whole world”, which is one of the most important goals of our founders and current management. Our company, which has always been a pioneer, especially in the construction sector with its innovative structure, has adopted customer satisfaction as the
    basic standard in the projects it has completed. Every project we complete has to be a picture of pride for us when we look back. For this reason, the state of being unique and professional, which we always emphasize, is one of the most important foundations of success in our projects.

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