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    Considering the huge number of places you would like...

    Riverside Life Residence

    A new breath comes to Long Beach: Trust, Peace...

    Royal Sun Elite Residence

    Welcome to an Elite Lifestyle: The Address of Peace...

    Royal Life Residence

    When Dreams Become Reality: Something more than just a residential...

    Sea Pearl Residence

    Extensive Gardens & Green Areas: Be ready for your...


    As the legal system in North Cyprus is based on that of the UK, the whole process of buying property in North Cyprus is fairly simple. All legal documents are also available in English and there is a wide range of highly regarded solicitors in North Cyprus who are bilingual in English and Turkish. Once the purchaser has decided on the property, the purchase process can be completed in a very short period of time.

    Hiring a solicitor at this point is essential. The solicitor will be responsible for informing you and providing you with all documents relating to taxes, application, processes from the time of sale through to the transfer of title deed of the property you purchase. Furthermore, the solicitor will also deal with processing your permissions to purchase as a foreigner by applying to the appropriate Government Offices and will follow up on your application to ensure their completion. The solicitors in North Cyprus can be communicated via e-mail, fax and phone. Thus, constant correspondence can be ensured throughout the purchase process of a property. Moreover, a property purchase may even be completed from abroad if the solicitor has been granted the Power of Attorney to act on your behalf.

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