Aralık8 , 2023

    Holiday in Cyprus



    Considering the huge number of places you would like...

    Riverside Life Residence

    A new breath comes to Long Beach: Trust, Peace...

    Royal Sun Elite Residence

    Welcome to an Elite Lifestyle: The Address of Peace...

    Royal Life Residence

    When Dreams Become Reality: Something more than just a residential...

    Sea Pearl Residence

    Extensive Gardens & Green Areas: Be ready for your...


    apartments and rooms

    Noyanlar Holiday Homes is a spectacular destination in Northern Cyprus and is situated in the Long Beach area. It has unmatched golden beaches accompanying the sun that
    warms you with its glow. The crystal clear sea offers you the luxury holiday experience that you deserve.

    Be Happy By The Fresh Air And
    Sun, Invited By The Stars On This
    Magnificent Paradise Island!



    Noyanlar Holiday Homes has a total of 550 apartments with a variety of studio, 1 bedroom, and 2 bedroom types with land and sea view options joined with balconies to help start your day with positive energy. The apartments are all furnished with a comfortable, large and spacious atmosphere.


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