Mayıs21 , 2024

    Four Seasons Life II



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    Four Seasons Life II provides investors with the opportunity to enjoy the untouched beauty of the Mediterranean, showcasing the unique perspective that brings peace and happiness. Four Seasons Life II attracts its residents to İskele’s outstanding beauty while preserving the region’s natural structure.

    An incredible green living area, the project uses a total of 61,000 m2 of land, 20,000 m2
    of building, 53,000 m2 of landscape and open areas, and 15,000 m2 of green space, including 20,000 plants and trees, to demonstrate our commitment to the environment.
    Four Seasons Life II has a total of 310 apartments and 16 commercial units, with an eye-catching interior design and functionality to suit all of your needs, allowing you to find peace and happiness.

    Services and Activities:

    • Spa
    • Bike riding path
    • Fitness Center
    • beauty center
    • Restaurant
    • Beach Bar
    • Aqua Park
    • Walking Path