Mayıs21 , 2024

    Entertainment at Long Beach



    Considering the huge number of places you would like...

    Riverside Life Residence

    A new breath comes to Long Beach: Trust, Peace...

    Royal Sun Elite Residence

    Welcome to an Elite Lifestyle: The Address of Peace...

    Royal Life Residence

    When Dreams Become Reality: Something more than just a residential...

    Sea Pearl Residence

    Extensive Gardens & Green Areas: Be ready for your...


    There are many activities offered to Long Beach residents and visitors. Nature walks
    and bike tours, where you can breathe the fresh air of the island, offer you alternatives
    for a healthy lifestyle. Windsurfing, scuba diving, jet ski tours, wakeskating and
    flyboarding are among the activities you can do on the world-famous beaches and
    cool waters of Long Beach. In addition to activities such as sailing, shooting, horse riding, off-road, and fishing that you should definitely try, Long Beach also offers team sports such as beach volleyball, sand sculpture competition and American football, where you can create a pleasant yet competitive environment with your friends.