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    Secondary and higher education in North Cyprus



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    1. Long Summer Season

    The beach season begins in mid-March and continues until mid-November. With an average temperature of 19-20o C and world-renowned beaches, the Long beach area becomes a hot spot for Cypriot summers.

    2. Experience Many Cultures

    20,000 students from 106 countries are studying at the Eastern Mediterranean University. There are 1,100 faculty members from 35 different countries. It is possible to graduate by learning not only English but also a second or even third language at an academic level.
    Student exchange programs with over 200 educational institutions around the world offer students a chance to study for a semester in the USA at reputable universities such as Central Connecticut and Long Beach.

    3. High Quality of Life

    North Cyprus is literally designed for students to spend 4 years in the most wonderful way. First of all, no time is wasted. Traffic is low. Three nearby cities are half an hour away from each other. If you live in Long Beach, you can visit Girne Castle in 30 minutes or the Walled City of Famagusta in 15 minutes.

    From the ages of 5 to 17, education in North Cyprus is compulsory and provided free of charge by the Cyprus government. Many foreigners in Cyprus opt to send their children to one of the several private schools in North Cyprus, which cater to students of all ages, from nursery through pre-school and up to university.

    Secondary education

    Cyprus Eastern Mediterranean Doğa Campus: Doğa School started to realize its international aims with Cyprus…

    education in north cyprus

    Doğa School started to realize its international aims with Cyprus. Having taken over Eastern Mediterranean University’s k12 institutions that offer pre-school education, Doğa Schools is on its way to being the new brand of education in Cyprus. Having achieved numerous successes in sports, arts, academic and social fields since the day it was founded, Doğa Schools laid the foundations of international expansion with the opening of Cyprusschool while rapidly increasing the number of campuses it has in Turkey. Having taken over the kindergarten, primary school and high school giving education within Eastern Mediterranean University, one of the most prestigious educational institutions of Cyprus; Doğa Schools expands its modern and contemporary education system in line with international standards, achievements, quality and unique concept in the Foster Land. Having started its educational journey in the 2011-2012 academic year, Cyprus Eastern Mediterranean Doğa Campus is like the baby of Doğa Campus as it is the first international campus. Equipped with ample opportunities, the campus has turned into an academic science base with its professional staff and contemporary education system in a short time.

    Address: Eastern Mediterranean University Campus, Famagusta / Cyprus
    Tel: 0392 444 05 37

    yakin dogu
    Near East College

    Our school, which was established in 1993, provides education at worldwide standards and has a global reputation. We aim to raise global citizens who can think in a holistic
    manner, work in collaboration and contribute in many areas. In order to achieve these goals, our students are trained to be able to fulfill their higher education requirements
    either in their own country or abroad, through national and international programs. We also aim to achieve great success in academic, social and sporting events and prepare our students in YKSGCE classes for all exams. In a world where rivalry is increasing rapidly every day, it’s a great honor to observe our students as they become confident, competent leaders, researchers, interrogative and individuals who are aware of their social responsibilities.

    Address: Near East University Campus, Famagusta / Cyprus
    Tel: 0392 223 6464
    0392 680 20 00

    Higher education

    Education for an International Career: Eastern Mediterranean University – the only state university in TRNC!


    Having been providing higher education in TRNC since 1979 with all programs accredited
    by the Turkish Higher Education Council (YÖK), Eastern Mediterranean University is
    the only state university in TRNC, with its highly developed infrastructure, prominent
    academic staff members, 20,000 students from 106 countries and 1,100 academics from 35 different countries. Quality programs in English, the opportunity of learning a second language, student exchange programs, rich sports, social and cultural activities, international accreditations, an international teaching context, and a diploma recognized throughout the world, EMU prepares its students for their international careers by educating them in becoming creative and competitive individuals with entrepreneurial skills.

    Address: Eastern Mediterranean University, Famagusta / Cyprus
    Tel: 0 392 630 11 11

    Istanbul Technical University – TRNC Campus

    ITU-TRNC Campus, just 600 meters away from the Famagusta Port, is on the point where the historical city walls meet the city center between the closed Varosha area and the central city walls. The campus also hosts some important buildings with historic and cultural value. The area which had been used as the government hospital for over half
    a century is at an important location. The School of Foreign Languages and Rectorate buildings are located on the TRNC Campus. For the 2016-2017 Academic Year, our university signed an agreement with the Sinemis and Evolve Park Student Dormitories for our SFL students and thus helped our students in terms of accommodation.

    Address: Istanbul Technical University, Famagusta / Cyprus
    Tel: +90 392 630 50 00


    Ada Kent University

    Ada Kent University was founded in 2015 by Avrupa Educational Group which is constituted in Istanbul. It is a summit of the entities which consist of preschool, primary, secondary and higher education in Istanbul. At short notice, Ada Kent University which has significant contributions on the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus’ economic, scientific, social
    and cultural development has become the educational and cultural center of Famagusta by
    collaborating with non-governmental and private organizations, as well as official bodies.

    Address: Island City University, Famagusta / Cyprus
    Tel: +90 850 480 4303