Mayıs21 , 2024

    Angel Towers



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    Residence & Shopping Center: Where the Heart of Famagusta Beats!

    Angel Towers project is a candidate to become the new face of Famagusta, which will be a landmark with its magnificent structure on dominating the view from all directions of the Famagusta city. This modern and luxurious complex is designed for clients who have a unique sense of architectural style. It consists of 2 high-rise buildings, offering one and two bedroom apartments, 37 commercial shops on the ground and first floors, underground parking and services. 11-storey Block A and 13-storey Block B are supplied with quick and quiet elevators for easy access to each floor and offer you a great range of apartments with a spectacular view of Famagusta city.

    Services and Activities:
    • Restaurant, Café and Bar
    • Shops and Offices
    • Fitness Center
    • Pharmacies
    • Underground Parking
    • ATM machines and much

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